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Why Street Art Matters 

 & How Fashion Depends On It

Artists will tell you becoming an artist was not a choice, it was a calling. We are moved by something deeper than ourselves. I think we feel the vibrations of our society screaming out to us.

Most people might not be able to hear our society speaking, but artists, we feel it, we interpret it, we visualize it, and we express it.  We make it so everyone can start to understand our shared surroundings.

When I see a wall that an artist has painted, I see the visual expression of that inaudible language.  I then snap a photo of that wall, so I can remember the conversation of our society.

Fashion is the same.  It is the inaudible conversation we are having as a society.

Street Art is Wall Fashion


Graffiti, Murals, StreetArt & Art Painted on Walls...there is a difference

The culture of 'street art' is fast becoming the most popular global craze.  Have you ever seen an instagram pic of someone posing with Collette Miller "wings", or been jealous of friends who went to a mural fest or Banksy's 'Dismaland"? Probably. 

Your favorite brands are also hunting down street artists and graffiti artists to paint on their products. Brands want in on the craze. They also think by connecting with these modern artists the brand can too have street cred and authenticity.

But do you know what defines a graffiti artists, muralists, or street artist? And do you know what type of credibility or authenticity they actually bring to the table?

Probably not. And that's okay.

We all start as novices when learning new subjects. This several part, monthly series will examine the difference in culture, style and painters (past and current) when it comes to Graffiti, Murals, Street Art and Fine Art on Walls. We will explore the importances of each in contemporary culture and how each style brings an unique piece of art etiquette to art culture. 

Loving art means knowing art. 

Stay tuned.

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