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Love is action. riot

A political love letter from art. 

An exhibit examining how art expresses politics with love and rage.

Inside the old Buckwild Gallery
12804 Venice Blvd

Mar Vista 90066

Read more about the show in the Argonaut Newspaper

Participating artists included: 

Visual Artist

Gabe Gault


Karlos Marquez

Erik Charlot


DJ Neff


Miles Regis

Musical Performance



The un-Gallery turns gallery on its head.

Somewhere between Burning Man & Museum of Ice Cream, un-Gallery is 100% free to the public and focuses on connecting artists of all kinds.

This pop-up features established and emerging visual, musical, and sculpture artists.

Un-Gallery's annual theme ties the experience together for the viewer while allowing the art to speak for itself.  Artists operate without restriction, working with the curator to find space that amplifies the viewing and interactive experience of their work and the work of their peers. 

2017 & 2018 Participating artists included: 


Megan Mack

Jess Chappe


Erika Lane


Women are still judged harshly for expressing themselves outside of the male gaze.

Women who do not fit the male-dominated societal narrative or norm are often punished by being given less or no acknowledgment for their expression.  

ONE showcased how women are rarely given more than that one chance to show their worth through the male gaze, but that how together, as ONE, women can change everything. 

Participating artists included: 

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