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Pins Aplenty

Do you know what the best part about 2017 is so far?! Enamel pins are back in!!

And many of your favorite artists are finally producing their art for your lapel. This means you can grab a gallery chic piece of art and wear it to your next gala or In-n-Out and a movie date, or both! What makes pins such perfect accessories are their ability to suit you if you are dressed up or dressed down. Plus they are removable! So however you are feeling in the moment, you can take them off or put more on. No matter your choice, you can’t go wrong with wearable, removable art on your outfit. It will give you that extra flair of elegance and style that no one in the room quite has just yet. And while you may not find a museum selling Van Gogh’s The Starry Night as a pin, you can definitely catch amazingly talented artists like 0uizi and Steffi Lynn in their online stores with beautiful pins at the ready. Now grab your jean and leather jackets, cloth bags, or even a vest or skirt and start planning your #pingamestrong arrangements.

Photo from 0uizi

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