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That Body Suit Tho

Can we talk about Rihanna’s Coachella weekend 1 glimmering bodysuit!?!? IT WAS EVERYTHING! Rihanna, one of my favorite fashionistas, did not just rock the body suit; she shed her mortal skin and appeared before us in her true self and glory. Now, I am not saying shimmering body suits will be the new look of 2017; though we should all take a page from Rihanna’s play book and know street and festival wear truly is about being your extra self. Everything from her shoes to on trend ripped jean shorts and t-shirt was and is about bold choice and owning it. So this festival season, remember, from make-up to flowery shoe statement pieces, do it up! Because if we have learned anything from Rihanna over last weekend, to shine like a diamond, you cannot be scared to be bold!!

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