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Tutu Tulle A Go Go

Everyone, go out and get a tutu skirt and wear them already!!!! I am obsessed with these beautiful, flowing high waist and past the knee/floor length adult tutu skirts. Specifically, and I never thought I would say this, but, the light pink ones are my favorite. I usually am a black like my heart, kind of girl. But seriously, go get one then pair the majestic tulle tutu with a casual top and heels, or gladiator sandals, or even some high top Vans and you are set for a day at brunch or rooftop happy hour that goes into the night. Plus, this look is great with a denim jacket, which is always a must have, particularly this summer. Now, stop reading and go out and find your tulle to twirl in! Because dressing up should feel like dress up, and who doesn’t want to make pretend as a ballerina all day? My ballerina is also a secret ninja with X-men powers, and maybe a pirate too :), so go discover your inner ballerina and get your #tulleskirt on.

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