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Wear Your Swim Wear, Don't Let it Wear You!

Spring is here, so this can only mean one thing: BEACH TIME IS ALMOST HERE! I do not care if yelling ‘beach time’ in mid May feels premature. I live in LA, honestly though, it’s beach time year round here, but that’s beside the point. For me, summer days filled with lying on the hot sand and swimming in the cool ocean is what life is all about. The most exciting part about beach season is bathing suit shopping. Yes, I hear you, most people HATE bathing suit shopping. I hear the complaints about it being a pain. But, the only pain in suit shopping and wearing one is that people look for some tiny uncomfortable bikini which only fits 16 year old, 90lb models, instead of getting into a suit which actually suits you! Break free from this idea that there is only “one type of cute bathing suit and it’s not for your body”, and step into the killer boss suit wearing mentality! This summer, explore new designs from some of the most creative fashion artists, such as @bfyneswin, and you will never be happier about your summer wear. Go as skimpy or as covered as you like, but make sure it is your personality that you are wearing, not just a bathing suit. The beach should be fun, and the clothing you wear to the beach should match that. So jump into this summer with a splash. Start shopping for a wild one for your wild summer times!

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