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Waist that love!

Forget about the hip-hugging skinny jean. Hike them pants high and let them pant legs flow. Jhene Aiko, knows this is the pant trend of the year. This stylish move is the best way to stay classy and cool all summer and fall. Be it done with floor length or cut off below the knee legged pants, or a loose fitting straight leg ankle trouser, remember your waist is a star whose time to shine is now. So, if you are headed to a summer soiree, or want to impress your date, pair a cropped top with your waist high slacks. Truly, the more they flow and move the better. And better yet, this look is great for heels and flip-flop flats! Now show of your middle curves because when you got fabric that is loving your waist, it is also loving your entire body.

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