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Indigo-go to dye for!

Recently I was introduced to Indigo dye! Not to the color, but introduced to the process of dyeing Indigo! I am so obsessed!! No matter what you do, Indigo always has a great end result. I love rich colors and Indigo is one of those deep blues which looks good on anyone and anything. Even though it is a dark color somehow it's very bright and lively and if you have seen it in person, you know very mesmerizing too!

If you are not into making your own cool items go blue, one of my favorite artists who creates and dyes designs on shirts, blankets, bags, and kimonos is Aubrey Wood! Check out her insta @novagoods or go straight to her website

to check out this local LA artist's beautiful wearable art!

If you are just dyeing to get some Indigo into your wardrobe, I suggest getting any artistically designed crop-top with shoulders and/or a knee length kimono. Indigo anything is great for a beach day, party, or festival outfit! I would even wear an Indigo kimono to the office for high-powered meetings! Show the world who is BOSS in that blue! Get your Indigo on!

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