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The Velvet Revival

Let’s talk fabric. My current obsession, velvet. There are so many reasons why velvet is winning the game when it comes to sexy, chic and fashionable this season. This is definitely not your grandmother's crushed velvet. From shoes to floor length coats and beautiful spaghetti strap, plunging neck, t-shirts or dresses, velvet is soft, sexy, and my favorite right now. Over the last year, you can see a slow attraction by many to it. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was smoking hot in his royal blue velvet at the Academy Awards, and Zazie Beetz killed the red carpet with her black velvet during the Emmy’s. But velvet is also great on shoes or bags! The universality of velvet is how I went from liking it to a full blown obsession. Now, if I can only find a royal blue floor-length summer coat in velvet with gold embellishment!! Gosh,

I Love this Fabric!!

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