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Bare it all, Nude Mood

As the saying goes “sun-out, bum-out!”. We should all embrace this a lot more! Especially if you are one of the trend setters who have already jumped on the nude boat. Grab a flesh toned two-piece, and be the cheeky water baby every beach goer will stop in their tracks for, with a wedged thong bottom. I have written about bold bikinis before and I never mentioned nude suits. Well, my theory on bathing suits is similar to my shoe theory, you can never have enough. Each pair matches your mood, not your outfit! And love him or hate him, you can thank Kanye for this naughty nude trend.

Having your skin tone and bikini match is a beautiful reminder that our bodies don’t have to be blinged-out to be bold. Nudity is not required, but going nude in a bum-out bikini is the radical wave you will want to ride catch. Because this season, body confidence is about bare-ing it all….well, kind of.

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