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Suit Up!

For these late summer evening events, not a romper nor a jumper will do. Only a legit mechanic’s jumpsuit can capture that work hard play harder attitude! And while grabbing one from my local mechanic is possible, I have been searching high and low for a fashion fitted one. One I can dress up with strappy high heels and a sequenced clutch. Yet, sadly, no fashion fitted jumpsuit has turned up quite yet. Then, just like magic, while at Hope MacDonald’s accessory launch party the other night, I saw the perfect navy jumpsuit on a woman in the crowd. Of course, this Cinderella story does not end with a glass slipper and a foot. I was not able to rush over and ask her about it. So my search continues. But with this sighting my hope has been restored, thanks to the mystery woman in the navy blue suit!

Now if you find that perfectly fitted mechanic jump suit, grab it quick! If not for you, then do it for me!!

Photo by Megan Mack

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